Community Guidelines


Sikhpoint welcomes comments and discussion on all the articles, stories, and multimedia content that we publish. Please observe our common sense rules below when commenting.

Some of the biggest common sense rules are below:

  • Be respectful and polite
  • Do not use foul language
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Use common sense
  • Use links only if they are relevant
  • Use real names not keywords

Respectful and polite: It is natural to disagree and argue with each other. However, keep it respectful. If we observe that you are behaving in disrespectful, aggressive or immature manner then we will not hesitate to delete your post.

Foul language: Use foul language and your post will be deleted. Be respectful and use common sense.

Plagiarism: Do not copy post from others and pass them as yours. Do not copy post from other web sites.

Common Sense: Please use common sense. We like to keep our rules simple and straightforward. We are keeping the guidelines short and simple and easy to read and understand rather than spell out every single and specific rules that could span pages.

Links: Do not drop links just for sake of marketing purpose. You may drop a link in your comments if it is relevant to the story or content. Will the Sikhpoint audience learn more about the story when they click on the link? Ask yourself this question before dropping a link in your comments. If it is not relevant the we will delete the post.

Real names: Whenever possible, please use real names when commenting. If you use a name that is used for the sole purpose of marketing or for misleading behavior then we will delete your post and ban you from commenting on Sikhpoint.

Read before commenting! At Sikhpoint, we welcome constructive comments. Please use common sense when posting comments to the author and other users. Be respectful and polite to others. Provide helpful information that contributes to the article, story or discussion.

Please do not provide links that are meant only for marketing purposes. Those links that do not add substantially to the discussion will be removed along with the comment. Comments disrespectful to others, using foul language or comments that violate Sikhpoint Community Guidelines will be deleted.

We reserve the right to remove comments that are posted from anonymous accounts.